Gigabit Internet Access for Business

Gigabit Internet Access for Business

We will show you how to upgrade to gigabit Internet access. If your company has had a
dedicated fiber connection for a few years, there is a good chance it is probably only capable
of a maximum of
100 MB of bandwidth, this is due to the type of fiber used, usually referred
to as metro fiber. Gigabit fiber uses a different type of loop and we will help you switch over
with a minimal amount of effort on your part.

Once you exceed 100 MB in bandwidth, the cost per MB for a dedicated Internet connection levels
off, so the cost does not go up two fold if you double the bandwidth and there usually is no benefit to
getting all of your bandwidth from one carrier, there are usually two or more fiber providers available.

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Gigabit Internet Access

There is not one nationwide fiber network that can serve all locations in the USA, we directly
represent all of the top carriers, so you will have easy access to all providers nationwide at
the best value. Our connections include all of the top fiber, wireless and copper networks.

We never share your contact information and you will be contacted by one trusted telecom
expert within our company. We work hard to earn your business and will never pester you.

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