Dedicated Fiber Internet Access for Business

Dedicated Fiber Internet Access for Business

Dedicated fiber Internet is the most popular and reliable type of dedicated Internet access.
Fiber optic Internet can also be referred to as Metro fiber, LEC fiber and Ethernet fiber. Bandwidth
ranges from 10 MB to 100 MB and 10 MB to 1000 MB, depending on the fiber available. In many
metro areas, there are multiple fiber providers available for business locations. We always suggest
that high bandwidth fiber customers connect with multiple providers who have diverse fiber paths in
order to establish redundant / failover connectivity, so you will have the most reliability possible.

The economics of fiber Internet connections usually revolve around how much bandwidth you need,
the cost per MB usually levels off after you exceed 100 MB and there usually is no benefit to getting
all of your bandwidth from one carrier. We almost always have two or more fiber providers to offer.

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Dedicated Fiber Internet Access

There is no one nationwide fiber network that can serve all locations in the USA, we directly
represent all of the top carriers, so you will have easy access to all providers nationwide at
the best value. Our connections include all of the top fiber, wireless and copper networks.

We never share your contact information and you will be contacted by one trusted telecom
expert within our company. We work hard to earn your business and will never pester you.

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